Bell of Hope

"Cast from shackles which bound them, this bell shall ring out hope for the mentally ill and victory over mental illness."

This powerful inscription appears on the original MHA bell forged over 50 years ago from the iron chains and shackles that bound people in mental asylums. It serves as a reminder of our past and the progress made; it is a powerful symbol of victory over mental illness.

Since 1964, Mental Health America of Southwestern PA has worked to fight the stigma associated with mental illness through outreach and educational efforts. MHA provides educational programs that help individuals learn about mental wellness as well as explain the challenges of depression, bipolar disorder and other types of mental illness. 

Mental Health America of Southwestern PA is an affiliate of Mental Health America.

Our Mission

To transform lives by promoting mental health, wellness and recovery for individuals, families, and communities through education, advocacy, and services.

Our Vision

We envision a just, humane and healthy community in which all people are accorded respect, dignity and the opportunity to enhance their mental health and develop to their full potential, free from stigma and prejudice.

Staff Listing

Executive Director
  Laurie Barnett Levine, LSW  (x121)

Director of HR/Operations
  Ronald J. Weaver, M.Ed.  (x110)

Program Director
  Janice Burruss-Hainesworth, MA (x123)

Quality Management Director
  Beth Crofutt, MA (x118)

Director of Development
  Toni Antonucci, LSW (x128)

Office Assistant
  Stephanie Sopko (x0)

Behavioral Health Ombudsman
  Rod Agras (x117)

External Advocate at Torrance State Hospital
  Alexandra Pleskovitch (724) 459-4583
  Kathy Lambrecht (724) 459-4520

Community Advocate
  Jessica Lesniewski (x115)

Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team
  Beth Crofutt (x118)

Step Up Drop-In Center
  Martina Kaufman (724) 537-6120

Representative Payee
  Rebecca Nicholson  (x113)
  Christine Fiano (x114)
  Pam Ackerman (x129)

Independent Monitoring for Quality
  Janice Heming (x112)


Board of Directors

Board Officers
President: Christine Vitale
Vice-President: Marybeth Grandinetti Pultz
Treasurer: Charles A. Deluzio, CPA
Secretary: John Dowling
Past President: Vikki A. Ridenour
Board Members:
Dr. Krista Boyer
The Hon. Christopher Feliciani
Scott A. Harshman
Dr. Lisa Issac
Ellen Katter
William Magda
Susan Nelson
John Peck, Esq.
Susan Brozek Scott
Dr. Geith Shahoud
Molly Robb Shimko
Kim Sonafelt
Joan Stairs
Andrew Vaill
Deborah Wasilchak



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